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Sensing & Simulation

Sensing Algorithm and Simulation Tools

Sensing Algorithm
By sensing the electromagnetic feedback from an object, Goji’s AVED technology can correlate the data to various object and process parameters including temperature, concentration and flow, among others. As sensing data is processed by Goji’s unique control algorithm, energy is applied only as and where needed. Our sensing algorithm is unique in its abilities to continuously adjust frequencies, power levels and other attributes as a function of the amount of energy absorbed by a particular load. This feature allows compensating for changes that occur in a sample during the thawing, heating and drying processes.

Simulation Tools
Goji has developed SARA, a unique simulation tool used in the analysis and synthesis of cavity configurations, load influence, algorithms and sensitivity testing. Based on electromagnetic simulation and algorithm execution, SARA predicts final results to be achieved when incorporating Goji’s AVED technology into a specific process. In addition, Goji uses other advanced simulation tools to optimize system design.