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Traditional processes that require heat conduction rely upon temperature gradients, making them extremely difficult to control. Due to their physical nature, it is nearly impossible for these processes to deliver uniform results or to discriminate one target from another. In contrast, Goji’s AVED technology eliminates the need for temperature gradients to conduct heat, delivers an exact amount of energy to a targeted location, and selectively discriminates between materials to determine where energy should be directed.

Precision & Uniformity
The combination of Goji's controlled energy delivery with a unique proprietary sensing method enables wide-ranging applications that deliver a precise amount of energy and adapt in real time to changes measured in the targeted material. This iterative approach provides energy delivery to a specific location and produces uniform targeted outcomes that are otherwise impossible to achieve with today's conventional technologies.

With control and precision comes efficiency. Goji technology reduces waste and defects while producing intended results at a fraction of the cost and complexity of inefficient alternatives.