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Technology // Overview


The Goji story grew from the seed of a remarkable technology breakthrough in energy delivery. But the true revolution began when Goji recognized the potential of this state-of-the-art enabling technology to revolutionize many of the industries that sustain our daily lives.

Since 2006, we have been perfecting our cutting-edge Adaptive Volumetric Energy Delivery (AVED) technology. Already proven and in production, AVED is a unique energy-transfer technology that allows controlled and homogeneous heating via electromagnetic waves. AVED technology senses where energy is delivered, and uses the data to adapt the energy delivery to its absorption by the matter and the dynamic changes in the material, resulting in unparalleled results. As a result, we can accurately and homogeneously deliver energy to any three-dimensional object.

Goji’s innovative AVED technology features:

  • 3D adaptive volumetric energy delivery – uniform or localized, as needed 
  • Controlled energy delivery – at any point, at any time, and selectively to any material 
  • Closed-loop, sensor-controlled excitation scheme
Goji's AVED technology enables safe and precise sensing, drying or heating – with no hotspots and no overheating – while providing continuous internal quality-assurance verification. Energy-efficient, AVED technology empowers feedback-controlled energy transmission designed for a wide spectrum of conditions and applications.

Our technology is based on a solid-state source and amplifier; as opposed to conventional microwave technology, AVED provides a variety of operating frequencies and quick response times. Our system engineering and electromagnetic simulation tools enable integration of Goji’s AVED technology into a variety of host systems and applications.

Offering a number of distinct advantages, AVED technology components include:
  • Hardware – Vecton™ power unit 
  • Tags – helpful physical tags that include the information and energy-transfer profiles processed by the Vecton power unit, detailing the application-specific data embedded in the exposed material
     Vecton™ Power Unit