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The value of accessible clean water is recognized by all. Driven by growing populations, environmental legislation and regulatory standards, the water treatment sector is looking to adopt non-chemical, environmentally sustainable disinfection methods.

Goji is developing solutions to economically treat contaminated water. While there are a variety of potential applications in this field, Goji is currently focusing on wastewater management, specifically working on solutions to improve ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection.

Applying Goji’s AVED technology to UV lamps will increase their lifespan and improve their germicidal efficiency by removing the need for electrodes. Additionally, it will improve UV lamp flexibility, enabling the use of different wavelength spectrums and of various fill materials. Applicable to both low- and medium-pressure lamps, Goji’s technology will also allow for rapid start-up and shut-down capabilities, thereby preventing overheating of heat-sensitive materials near the lamp.