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Multiphase flow meters (MPFMs) enable improved management of oil and gas (O&G) wells and fields. Key applications empowered by MPFMs include well monitoring, well testing, field production allocation, and field reservoir management. MPFMs also provide critical information on individual well performance – such as water breakthrough, gas coning and inflow characteristics.
While effective multiphase flow metering allows O&G well and field operators to raise production yields, current MPFMs are generally expensive to purchase and operate.
Goji MPFM Solution - The G360 MPFM
The G360 system is a highly cost-effective solution that harnesses Goji’s unique electromagnetic sensing technology and advanced system software.
Utilizing multiple frequency bands through a multi-antenna configuration, the non-intrusive system helps O&G operators accurately determine the oil, gas and water content of their wells in real time.
A self-sufficient hardware solution integrating either cloud-based or on-premise software, The G360 enables real-time data analysis of well productivity and delivers suggested optimization scenarios. With automatic calibration capabilities powered by proprietary algorithms, the system extracts and processes data gathered by Goji’s one-of-a-kind sensing technology.
As a result, The G360 cost-effectively provides more accurate results than currently available MPFMs.

Goji G360 MPFM