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In addition to consumer efficiency requirements, one of the major challenges faced by automotive engineering companies, parts suppliers and vehicle manufacturers is meeting the evolving and ever-stricter emission standards set by governing bodies. 

Goji’s AVED technology is changing the way diesel and gasoline engines operate by improving their performance and efficiency while reducing emissions. Our solutions can improve fuel injection, ignition, and after-treatment processes, and can economically reduce NOx emissions and diesel particulate matter.

Ignition: We are developing advanced ignition solutions for more efficient and reliable engines capable of using all types of fuel sources including renewable fuels.

Diesel particulate filtering: Goji’s diesel particulate filter solution brings new capabilities for sensing the amount of aggregated soot in the filter and applying focused energy delivery to burn the soot without using combustion-based regeneration processes. This solution is independent of the engine mode of operation; therefore, the regeneration process can be performed also in urban driving cycles. In addition, our sensing and burning techniques avoid back-pressure scenarios and improve the mean time between service/failure.