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A variety of drying applications can benefit from shorter, more efficient and more consistent drying cycles.

Clothes Drying

Our first drying implementation, the Goji-enabled tumble dryer, addresses the need for reduced drying cycle times, improved energy efficiency and better fabric care. The dryer uses Goji’s AVED technology to achieve faster drying at lower temperatures in a highly efficient manner.

Water in the fabric is evaporated by absorbing heat from electromagnetic waves and the environment, resulting in minimal energy absorbed in the fabric itself. Since our accurate energy delivery does not overheat the clothes, drying time is reduced significantly while fabric quality is better maintained.

Arcing and overheating of metal objects is avoided since our algorithm senses and controls energy delivery. As a result, all fabric types can be dried efficiently, including those with metal buttons. The Goji-enabled dryer is capable of achieving an A efficiency rating at smaller loads and can run colder drying cycles.