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At present, Goji has made the greatest strides in applying our technology within the food industry. Goji Food Solutions is our subsidiary dedicated to advancing our technology in cooking systems. Using Goji’s AVED technology, cooking is easier than ever, and prepared foods retain their quality and nutritional value.

Until now, all available cooking technologies have used either conduction, convection of hot air to fluids, or infrared (IR) radiation to bring the outer surfaces of food in contact with warmer temperatures. Goji has created a better way. Our revolutionary method of cooking has been scientifically proven to be safer and healthier than existing alternatives.

Goji’s AVED technology is an innovative way to control the transfer of energy to any type of food using electromagnetic waves, heating the food from within in parallel to standard, conventional external heating. Incorporating the user-friendly Goji technology, ovens can cook, bake, thaw and steam food at a fraction of the time normally required. Moreover, users without extended culinary training can achieve astonishing results.

Goji technology uses a sensing algorithm that senses and controls the cooking, and adjusts the energy transfer based on the feedback – resulting in a uniform and controlled heating pattern. The transmitted energy depends on the state and matter of the cooked food. Consequently, the system applies the exact required energy to the material without wasting energy on heating the cavity or overheating the food. A predetermined set of optimized instructions to cook a specific food or meal can be saved or pre-defined.

Goji is collaborating with leading food companies, commercial cooking equipment manufacturers, and residential oven manufacturers to develop specialized products for their respective markets.