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Goji Overview

The energy to make a difference

Goji is changing the paradigm for energy delivery. By harnessing our revolutionary energy-delivery technology, we are redefining many key products and processes that touch our daily lives. Goji personnel are bound together by a strong and sincere desire to make things better.

Revolutionary core technology

Goji’s core energy-delivery technology is an innovative way to control the transfer of energy to any type of material using electromagnetic waves. Our Adaptive Volumetric Energy Delivery (AVED) technology can be used to address energy transfer needs in a myriad of applications ranging from drying clothes, through thawing blood plasma, to cooking foods with or without other heating methods. The technology even enables unique heat and energy transfer in applications previously impossible with conventional means. Using an advanced sensing algorithm to tightly control the transmission of radio waves, our technology enables scalable and volumetric energy delivery into matter. Our core technology significantly reduces the amount of energy and time required for sensing, heating and drying processes 

Global collaboration and presence

Goji is supported by several strategic partners, each a leader in its respective field. We and our partners are collaborating to revolutionize existing processes and products – making their usage faster, easier, safer and more efficient – in diverse markets and industries. We can design, develop and supply RF subsystems and components for a variety of host systems based on our partners’ specifications, with typical collaboration models including non-recurring engineering (NRE) payments and product/software licensing fees. A global company with customers on every major continent, Goji owns a US subsidiary with offices in Chicago. We are committed to staying close to the market and maintaining a clear understanding of our customers’ needs.

Comprehensive patent portfolio

Goji holds a unique and broad patent position in the field of energy delivery. Our technologies are protected by patents related to our core AVED energy-delivery technology, and by our proprietary concepts, devices and implementation methods in a variety of fields and applications.

Unique incubation team

Goji's incubation team evaluates various potential applications for our breakthrough technologies. The team can, in a relatively short time, evaluate if Goji’s technology adds value to various processes. By first completing a small-scale proof of concept for a specific application, Goji minimizes risks related to full development projects.

Multidisciplinary approach

Goji and its subsidiaries have collected a wide range of experienced experts to develop and commercialize applications and products based on Goji’s core technology. The Goji team combines exceptional expertise in a variety of disciplines including engineering, physics and chemistry, across a broad range of industries including food, healthcare, energy and water treatment. After the incubation team identifies and examines potential application opportunities, our IP, R&D, Operations and Finance professionals work closely together to successfully bring Goji’s unique solutions to market.