Our proprietary platform technology has the potential to transform a variety of industries…

Using Goji™ technology, cooking is easier than ever, with foods retaining their quality …

Goji's Febris device enables rapid, easy and safe thawing and heating of biological materials...

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Multidisciplinary Company

Our experienced experts are developing and commercializing wide-ranging applications and products based on Goji’s core energy-delivery technology. The Goji team combines exceptional expertise in a variety of disciplines including engineering, physics and chemistry, across a broad range of industries including food, healthcare, energy and water treatment… (read more)

Revolutionary Technology

Goji’s core energy-delivery technology is an innovative way to control the transfer of energy to any type of material using electromagnetic waves. Our cutting-edge Adaptive Volumetric Energy Delivery (AVED™) technology enables scalable and volumetric energy delivery into matter, significantly reducing the amount of energy and time required for sensing, heating and drying processes… (read more)
Visit our first subsidiary Goji Food Solutions, that is changing the way people create, prepare and enjoy food.